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- Sourdough Rye
Our most popular variety of bread.  Available in both traditional or square form, this well guarded family secret contains ground caraway and a hint of onion.  A unique taste and texture treat!

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- Pumpernickel
For dense consistency and thin slicing, try "Kommis Brot". A Pumpernickel in the "Old World" tradition.
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- Country Rye
Our newest creation!  A delicate blend of sourdough and Pumpernickel Rye, sprinkled with whole caraway seeds.

Napoleon Torte -
The creation of this masterpiece evolves into a lengthy 3 day process.   Painstaking care is taken in combining 8 wafer layers with butter creams of vanilla and lemon extracts - the middle layer is laced with a delicate hint of apricot.
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Chocolate Torte -
This delightful diversion was derived from the original Torte to satisfy the chocolate lovers appetite.  With the addition of fancy mixed nuts and more chocolate sprinkles it looks as good as it tastes, but you can be the judge of that.